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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

Excellent, excellent episode. At various times throughout, we've introduced friends of ours to Babylon 5--usually starting at Episode 1 (instead of the Pilot). We affectionately referred to this as "passing along the needle". Generally it was after this episode that they were pretty much hooked for life and for good reason.

I think humor is done hear as well as any episode in the entire series. The Centauri Banquet, G'Kar's buffoonish form of anger and mistrust ("...what part of this progression escapes you" had me laughing out loud on first watch), and Na-Toth/G'Kar interplay. I was happy to see Na'Toth replace Attache Ko'Dath and wasn't happy when Mary Kay Adams replaced Caitlin Brown. Also this episode is quite important to the arc as it introduces important characters, establishes an important reference point for certain characters, and foretells changes and relationships (Delenn/Cmmdr of B5) in the future. The line delivered to Sakai by G'Kar "No one here is exactly who he appears" reverberates throughout the series. TPoD is definitely a Top 5 Season 1 Episode and a personal favorite.
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