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Re: EpDis: A Distant Star

I rated this episode "Good", probably a little higher than I probably should because there are some aesthetic characteristics that I've always loved about the episode. The musical score for this episode by Christopher Franke was awesome, especially the music when we see the Explorer ship--The Cortez (definitely weird choice of name, though). I also loved how the ship looked--it explores and builds jumpgates, so it should look like a flying construction site. I enjoyed Maynard's character well enough, even if the Stinky-Swamp Rat bit was a little cheesy. The ambience at Earhart's was nice and the one-shot characters (Commander Galis and Captain Maynard) played off the regulars really well. You also get a glimpse of the Shadows and that's always enough to perk me up--I liked all the episodes that only hinted at the presence of the powerful Darkness (Distant Star, Signs + Portents, Coming of Shadows, etc.)
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