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Re: EpDis: A Distant Star

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Sure, but would they then be able to find the hyperspace route home? Cortez might have been able to jump out and find where it is in normal space, but they'd probably hop back in and be even more lost in hyperspace than before.
That's a valid point, I guess. Well .. not quite sure.

I know that hyperspace is quite complex, and that you can't map hyperspace 1:1 to normal space. However, if you couldn't to SOME degree do it, wouldn't ships forever fail to find beacons? With the knowledge of their location in normal space, wouldn't the Cortez know where to SORT OF look for the closest beacon, head in that direction, and eventually resore contact with it?

Unless, of course, the beacons are all extremely close to eachother - close enough that one of them is always in your visual range, making beacons a "rope" you follow along from beginning to end along your trip.
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