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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Yea. Very good points.

I don't think there really was a race or a character that didn't have a dark side and a light side, so to speak. The "seemingly sacred" Minbari included.
Yes, indeed. But at least the other races seem quite aware of that. The Humans, Narns and Centauri never pretend to not have their own agenda. The Minbari, on the other hand, go around with all the pseudo-pacifist holier-than-thou crap, which really makes them the biggest creep of the lot - with the exception of the Vorlons, of course.

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
I wonder, with people being who they are, enough of a word got about among Humans that Valen was really Sinclair, gone back through time with station B4. They'd be stunned to know the race that gave the Minbari such an edge in technology was... us.
Well .. the Minbari were keeping this knowledge under a pretty tight lid - though I forget exactly what happens in the fourth season here. Not sure if humans would have ever gotten to hear about it.

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
I know the Minbari already had spacefleets able to survive space battles. But wouldn't that "sneak peek" at future technology help spur what they already knew?
This is the kind of stuff which makes time travel stories headachy.

I don't think human tech from the "present" was much ahead of Minbari tech from a thousand years ago. The Minbari would have come out losers of the last shadow war without Babylon 4 and Sinclair, though, and would not have been the smug major power to attempt to erradicate humans thousand years later. And no Earth-Minbari war .. no Babylon project.

No Minbari victory --> no Babylon 4.
No Babylon 4 --> no Minbari victory

It all kind of works out in the end if you see time as circular, and assume that the Minbari victory, and B4's trip back in time, were "always there" .. or something.

Originally Posted by Babylon5fan07 View Post
I was going to vote but it's shown as Quality of Mercy?
There is a bug with poll titles on older polls. It is only the titles, though, you can vote normally.
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