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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

Yea. Very good points.

I don't think there really was a race or a character that didn't have a dark side and a light side, so to speak. The "seemingly sacred" Minbari included.

I wonder, with people being who they are, enough of a word got about among Humans that Valen was really Sinclair, gone back through time with station B4. They'd be stunned to know the race that gave the Minbari such an edge in technology was... us.

I know the Minbari already had spacefleets able to survive space battles. But wouldn't that "sneak peek" at future technology help spur what they already knew?

Maybe not, and they were just advanced because they evolved earlier than we, and the Vorlons gave them a lot of help. But I've always wondered just how much the Minbari learned technologically from Sinclar, as well as what they learned about organizing themselves into some kind of an effective government.
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