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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

I love this episode for the way it really drives in a very important plot point of B5 that way too many people seem to forget: The Minbari suck.

So you're fighting a "holy war" over a misunderstanding, that you KNOW to be a misunderstanding. Your holy war isn't anything more than genocide, effectively. Somewhere along the line, one human manages to defend himself and actually hurts your war machine - he doesn't even injure any civilians.

So what do you do, as a species completely obsessed with honor?

You go "boo hoo, starkiller, starkiller!" and spend several decades whining. What a bunch of pisspots. Reminds me of the asshole German that assaulted my mother a few years ago for all the pain Germany went through at the US' hands in World War II. Want to avoid pain and suffering? Don't wage unnecessary wars.

Also, all this crap of how MInbari never lie and never hurt eachother .. like hell they don't. They're just better at it than everybody else.

Oh, and the only thing that made them willing to stop pointless genocide? Noticing that humans have Minbari souls, which is a load of crap anyways. What pure motives...

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