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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Appearances And Other Deceits

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
I actually like this episode for the blatant way JMS thumbs his nose at the TNT suits, and they actually allowed it to air, they probably didn't even notice the context.

At the time it first aired, I thought it was a poke at Political imagery in general, since I didn't know about the suit intereference, but, knowing about that it makes some scenes all the poignant
Yeah, this was the point where JMS basically said screw it, and wrote what he felt. And this was the last one to be shot before TNT pulled the plug, although I'm sure that's just coincidence..

It seems like a pretty inconsequential episode, but I think it's helped along enormously by being Eilerson-centric, and by bringing back Mr Welles as the face of the enemy (if only his alter-ego Neroon wasn't dead at this point, I'd have liked to see him in Crusade, maybe even on the crew..)

I wonder if the alien was telling the truth about knowing the cure for the plague? Since we never found out what it was, we can only speculate..
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