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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Appearances And Other Deceits

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
I actually like this episode for the blatant way JMS thumbs his nose at the TNT suits, and they actually allowed it to air, they probably didn't even notice the context.

At the time it first aired, I thought it was a poke at Political imagery in general, since I didn't know about the suit intereference, but, knowing about that it makes some scenes all the poignant

I thought the "transfer effect" CGI was very good.


If the goal was to quietly "terraform" the crew, why write on the walls (like in the bullet car). It would arouse suspicion.

Some of the dialogue is too ridiculous to say with a straight face. e.g. "The air is human." Yes, I know why it was said, but they should have come upon this knowledge from a different path. That line was simply un-be-liev-able.

When Mr. Welles hit the braindead guy in the EVA suit, it looked like he was swinging a toy(Nerf?), foam wrench and missed the guy by several miles. That bit just didn't work. Looked completely fake.
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