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Re: EpDis: Crusade: War Zone

'C' - It'd get a 'B' were it not for:

1. the opening fight scene.

2. Gideon & Matheson looking out a window in the wall (It should be in the floor of a rotating section, like in B5's The Long Dark -

3. Jensen doing a tight (SLOW) turn directly over what was essentially an anti-aircraft nest. You just don't do that. You get away, fast and low, and try to put ground clutter between your craft and the beings trying to shoot you down, and you skid*. e.g. You could be pointed North but actually be travelling Northeast. Alternately, you could just dive for ground cover, nail the throttle, perhaps while turning slightly (to not reduce speed that much). Jensen could even have used his engine exhaust to kick up dust/dirt behind him, which would help obscure him as well.

3. the Drakh footsoldiers never getting off a shot at Gideon's Thunderbolt Starfuries.

4. the scenes inside the crashed Drakh cruiser, which look like they're walking round and round in the same small room. No sense of space, of how big that cruiser is.

5. the exposition laden, end scene with Gideon and Galen. It had the feel of a connect-the-dots-for-the-dimwitted-and/or-newbie-TNT-viewer. To me, this scene in War Zone felt more blah-blah-blah, dragging on and on than the scene that JMS thought was excessively talky in Racing the Night (with Gideon, Galen and the alien's hologram). In the Racing the Night scene, at least I was sucked into the story, and didn't notice how long it was, because the dialogue there, was for the most part, very good.

*Skid - A skid appears as a lateral slide with a gradual loss of altitude. While dipping one wing, apply opposite rudder to prevent yaw (Compass heading shouldn't change significantly.). The craft will skid in the diection of the dipped wing as altitude is lost.
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