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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Ruling From The Tomb

Originally Posted by RMcD View Post
JMS says on one of the commentary tracks that there was some kind of battle with TNT to persuade them to finish post on the grey suit episodes at all, so they couldn't necessarily assume the introduction they had already filmed for Lochley in Each Night I Dream of Home would ever be seen. The loop would have been added whenever they got round to finishing post on that episode, which for all we know may actually have been after Ruling from the Tomb was finished.
I know this isn't really about the point we're discussing here, but IIRC, I don't think JMS ever said that in any commentary track we got on any of the DVDs. He's said it online in his posts, but not on the DVDs. That's part of the commentary he wanted to put on the Crusade DVDs, and Warner Brothers agreed to it, but then Warners edited it out.
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