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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Ruling From The Tomb

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
While that's certainly true, and I may be remembering wrong, I'm remembering this episode was aired first, (before knowing all this stuff of the Conspiracy to commit crib murder on Crusade) and then I was confused by seeing them meet again in the other episode? LOL.
A Twilight Zone moment.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post

Okay, I'm home now and checked the 'Ruling from the Tomb' scripts. I've got the First Draft (11/20/98) and the shooting script-Final Draft thrhough Pink Revisions (12/1/98, 12/2/98 & 12/4/98) and both have Gideon and Lochley introducing themselves when Gideon comes up to Lochley as she's 'discussing' security arrangements with Lt. Carr.


So, I guess that would mean that the looped line was added to Each Night I Dream of Home before any version of the Ruling from the Tomb script was written.
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