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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Rules Of The Game

Yay! Another Crusade poll! ...and guess what I'm watching right now, this very ep. (as I'm rewatching all of Disc 2).

A solid 'B' mainly for the Eilerson thread.

Eilerson thread: A-
Chambers and her initial dialogue/delivery with Cynthia Allen (Eilerson) in Cynthia's quarters drag it down. Sal Landi as "Rolf Mueller" ??? Yeah right. Sal's not bad, but he's no "Rolf Mueller" (German/Austrian), and that kind of casting/disconnect strains the ability to stay in the story. Yeah, I know we could fanwank our way to explain it, but that shouldn't be necessary.

Gideon/Lochley/Brakiri/Lorkans thread:
B- The Gideon & Lochley vs. The Lorkans fight scene, and the shower scene music (over the top, too loud, cliched, fitting for Mike Hammer, etc.) the drag it down, though I like this thread more now, than when I saw it on TNT in first run.)
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