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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Ruling From The Tomb

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
I liked only the character moments, e.g. Eilerson, Dureena and Trace in the shuttle, Eilerson and Dureena when walking in the street in Mars Dome, Gideon and Lochley at the first crime scene, the bar scenes, etc.
I agree, I rewatched this episode recently remembering it as being one of the weakest (along with Rules of the Game), and was surprised to realise that if you filter out the actual plot it's actually one of the better ones in terms of character interaction and dialogue. JMS' writing seemed to be showing signs of fatigue from S4 onwards, and it's an odd fact that Fiona Avery and Peter David seemed able to contribute scripts that sounded in some ways more quintessentially JMS than JMS himself.

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
The "music" (irritating noise actually, boings, babies crying, dogs barking, etc.) over the end credits was hideously bad. It was thoroughly unprofessional, self-indulgent crap on Chen's part, and I cannot use the word crap strongly enough here in relation to the "music" on during the end credits. THAT should have been rejected by the producers. This episode was made 3rd from the last, and it must have been when the producers were at a low ebb and just didn't give a damn.
Yeah, some B5 episodes had established the idea of using different music over the end credits, but in those cases it was always relevant in some way and made sense in the context of the episode. Here it just seemed completely gratuitous and meaningless.
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