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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Ruling From The Tomb

'D' - Poor. IMHO, the worst Crusade episode. Worse than War Zone. The connections and logic in a lot of the main story seemed forced, artificial and sometimes didn't make sense. The dialogue was sometimes clunky. The whole idea of a physical meeting was bad, as Gideon comments. The fight scenes were poorly choreographed and acted.

I liked only the character moments, e.g. Eilerson, Dureena and Trace in the shuttle, Eilerson and Dureena when walking in the street in Mars Dome, Gideon and Lochley at the first crime scene, the bar scenes, etc.

Also, the initial CGI looked very good to me, as good as any Mars scenes we ever saw on "Babylon 5".

The "music" (irritating noise actually, boings, babies crying, dogs barking, etc.) over the end credits was hideously bad. It was thoroughly unprofessional, self-indulgent crap on Chen's part, and I cannot use the word crap strongly enough here in relation to the "music" on during the end credits. THAT should have been rejected by the producers. This episode was made 3rd from the last, and it must have been when the producers were at a low ebb and just didn't give a damn.

Were it not for the character moments I listed above, I'd have given it an 'F' - Failure. I almost gave it that anyway.
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