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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Patterns Of The Soul

It's a reasonable episode. I only really have two complaints. Firstly that it's really dark. Literally really dark. Deliberately so, no doubt, but my eyes end up begging for some relief every time I watch it.

The other is that the Xander-Prime elder tells Dureena that their story is a long and difficult one, and then promptly tells it in about 20 seconds flat!

Does anyone else think the Qual'tham, the raider-battlewagon type ship that is transporting Dureena's people as slaves, is supposed to be a Narn vessel? Aside from the Narn-sounding name, it also seems to have Narn markings. If so it would be a nice touch, the Narn doing to others what the Centauri originally did to them.
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