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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Patterns Of The Soul

'B' - It was nice seeing the link to Earthforce Black Projects, and to see Brian Thompson not in his stereotypical bad guy role (e.g. Cobra, The X-Files, etc.), but instead as a rather put-upon good guy, trying to take care of his people.

This episode seems to mark a turning point for Max. There's open hostility toward him from Dr. Chambers, and in the end, even though under pressure to report more to IPX, he deletes his last entry in the report and does not tell IPX about the discovery of some of Dureena's race on Theta 49.

This episode also has Dr. Chambers estimating that Dureena's race on Theta 49 have one year to live, not five years. I wonder if the cure that would have been found in mid-Season 2 would have saved Dureena's people as well (assuming that the cure they found, the REAL cure, wasn't as Dr. Franklin described in "Each Night I Dream of Home" - A cure that saves guinea pigs saves only guinea pigs.).
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