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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Well I finally was able to see the movie. I just completed all the B5 episodes and movies (although I still don't own the Crusade series yet but in the next couple months I do plan to pick it up.)

Overall I didn't think LoTR was that bad of a movie. Backing up to the Gathering for a moment. Personally on it's own I think it's a great sets up the Babylon 5 story even though for some people like myself you have to watch it in succession after seeing ITB. But back to LoTR I didn't think it was a bad movie. Sarah in the weapons room isn't what bothered me so much it was at one point when she was shooting so much at once she was screaming horribly. The acting wasn't horrible for me I've seen much worse on tv and in movies but at Babylon 5 standards..oviously G'Kar and David for me were the best. After watching the movie now I think it's a better movie than The River of Souls. I rated LoTR as Good so in a grade overall I would give it a B- at the worst.

What really sold me about the movie was the special effects and the story. Being that this movie came out in 2002 (3 years after season 5 ended) the special effects finally had the chance to catch up and I thought they were magnificantly done. G'Kar and David did a fantastic job acting while everyone else was not up to standards but still pretty good. I realize the story wasn't the best in the world but it kept my interest alot more than TRoS. For me the best part of LoTR was at the end of the movie though when G'Kar said if you do go on Babylon 5 remember no one is who they appear (I'm not quoting because I've seen the movie only once and that was 2 days ago) which is the memorable line he said to Catherine Sakai and then of course the great shot of B5 with the 5th season theme.

Again not too many complaints for me overall a pretty good one!

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