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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Long Road

The weakest parts I thought, were the CGI shots showing the entire mine site (didn't look real), and the part where Alwyn was supposedly going to shoot down the ship (Not really convincing. Sure, it was convincing to the Earthforce Captain, but he was an idiot.)

The best parts were:

The Alwyn, Galen and Gideon conversation at the dinner table (re. Elric, and the mages leavng).

The comedic bit in the bar with the holodemons. (*chomp*).

The comedic bit about the shuttle's engines being replaced with a substance resembling peanut-butter.

The CGI shot of the mine's destruction and the aftermath (burning ruins).

The Galen/Alwyn and Gideon/Galen conversations at the end.

Alwyn's ship seen leaving (Nice touch with the gold dragons on the wings.)

As for the golden dragon, well nobody would believe that such a thing would really exist, but as an illusion that a technomage could conjure that could really do damage? It's possible. And if Galen were doing it, it could REALLY do damage.

Overall, I gave it a 'B'.
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