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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Racing The Night

Originally Posted by Lousy_Dodgers View Post
I voted B. In terms of Crusade episodes, it is one of my favorites but it was not equal to the A episodes of B5...still better than most anything else on TV though...if the grading scale was only in the context of Crusade, then it would be an A.
That's one of the reasons I gave it a B.

Could have been "A -- Excellent" were it not for Gideon's "Sheridan Main Guns moment"[1], where under the force of the intensified gravitational field and losing ground (being pulled down toward the planet) he fires the main guns, and therefore quits resisting the pull of the gravitational field (and there's no visible effect onscreen).

The thing JMS finds objectionable, the talky part with the alien at the end, I don't find troubling at all.

[1] Sheridan fired the main guns while still moving toward the null field in "A Call to Arms."
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