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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

See, I didn't necessarily mind the idea of trying something DIFFERENT with weapons --- but it had to be FUNCTIONAL. The old tried-and-true concept of weapons console was functional, but limited. I always wondered how these weapons people locked onto targets that they couldn't see (most weapons consoles had no screens on them in SciFi!)

I think B5 took things to the next level with the Minbari Cruisers "curtain screen" that came down and allowed someone to command a fleet. It had all ships, readouts, and everything else there --- even communications.

I always thought that a weapons console should be like that too. Allowing the weapons officer to see things around him. Then the virtual reality point-and-click might work better. I think this is what JMS was trying for, but when the funds ran out, we got what we got.

Actually, I really think a bridge should be more like Stellar Cartography in Star Trek Generations. EVERYONE on the bridge can see what is around them (similar to the Minbari Cruiser) but this allows weapons to target and aim in a full sphere view, as well as the captain to get a good idea of what is going on around him.
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