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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Well, if what I recall hearing is accurate:

Originally she would have been seated with a kind of virtual screen come up, attached to her hands I guess, and she would guide the weapons that way. That actually would make sense. But the idea proved to be too expensive to film. So I think this was his "second idea".

The sad part is I recall his posts in his moderated board, and he was very excited about the idea of someone finally showing the audience just how the weapons are aimed, or something.
> I've been a B5 fan for about 10 years or so but only recently got to see
> Legend of the Rangers. I'd heard about some of the problems which
> surrounded the production and one thing I read that left me curious was
> that the style of the weapons room (for lack of better words) was
> influenced by financial constraints.
> I've looked through some old posts and couldn't see any mention of this
> so I was wondering if it's true? And if it is the case I was hoping you
> could give me an idea of how the weapons room was intended to look. I've
> always thought it was pretty unique for a live action show and it seems
> like it wouldn't be out of place in some manga.

No, just the opposite. The traditional way these things are done is
to simply push a button and the ship fires. To create a zero-g
environment where a person is suspended in the center of a completely
CGI 3D environment was hideously costly and difficult, but I wanted to
try something a bit different.

<snipped the unrelated bit about World War Z>

How's that for a misleading answer? Swing and a miss! He didn't even get any wood on that ball.

I remember JMS saying that his original idea (Sarah in a sort of motorized chair that dropped into a virtual environment and operated sort of like the belly gunner in a B-17.) was too costly and that they went with Sarah doing wirework instead as their replacement idea, but I can't find the JMS post now, either. I'm looking up by keywords that I know were in the post, and the post just is not there now. It's almost as if somebody deleted it.

I did a search of rastb5m on Google Groups and jmsnews for "wire" and this is the closest thing that turned up in the Rangers production timeframe, and it's not the post I'm looking for.
It's a very elaborate production, with everything from pyros to wire works and other stuff, in addition to the usual glut of CGI we tend to do, but so far it's all going quite well.

But yea, it turned out laughable. There's just no other word for it, for me, other than "laughable".
For me, it was/is cringe inducing, like fingernails on the blackboard, i.e. torture. Remember the Pink Panther movie where assassins from all over the world were out to kill Clouseau, and the mad, former Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus is torturing Dr. Fassbender's daughter (scraping a knight's metal gauntlet on a blackboard. <SCREEEEEEECH!!!>) to get the doomsday weapon formula from the professor? Like that.

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)
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