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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

I agree that it's stupid, but just to play devil's advocate, maybe the policy of never retreating for any reason has migrated over from the Minbari warrior caste and hasn't yet been revised for the current state of affairs?

Where you have one third of a planet's population devoted to training and arming for war, and for most of their history used to enjoying total technological superiority, the idea of tactically retreating from combat might actually be a bit of a moot point, since your military resources are never exactly stretched, you have little chance of being killed, and there are plenty more warm bodies where you came from, all fully trained already.

Now if we assume that the Rangers recruit some of their members from the warrior caste, they're going to need to appear at least as fanatical and probably even more nuts just to distinguish themselves. In fact they're a bit like the Crusader Knights - their job is to throw themselves at the enemy in a religious frenzy. Seeing them get slaughtered for the rightness of their cause is okay, seeing them in retreat could break the morale of the army behind them. Seeing a lot of expensive military hardware go down with them is probably regrettable, but ultimately that's a problem for the accountants.

Actually I think that's two separate points.
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