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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Would have preferred to do this as an Edit, but I guess that time has passed.

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Not as a matter of policy. Maybe for a specific battle, but not as a standard method of operations.

Having a policy of "We never retreat for any reason." is idiotic, especially when you're stretched thin on personnel (young kids in relatively high positions, e.g. ship captains) and resources (e.g. Whitestars), is idiotic, and Delenn is no idiot.
Bear in mind that there were only ever about a hundred, maybe a hundred and fifty whitestars built during the Shadow War. A LOT of those got wiped out during said war, so now you've got maybe 80 or so. You conserve your best ships for big jobs, you don't have them doing this kind of grunt work.
>Trained and experienced officers were in VERY
>short supply.

Exactly, and after the shadow war, a lot of higher ranking/experienced rangers were dead, leading to getting promoted earlier.

Also, the Liandra isn't like the Enterprise, it's more like a PT boat, and there's a huge difference between the captain of a PT boat and a captain of the John F. Kennedy, though both are technically captains on their vessels.

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