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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
I wasn't all that impressed with SG-A, though I'm happy to hear that Carter (Amanda Tapping) is going over to SG-A. I was disappointed that Jessica Steen did not continue in the role of Dr. Weir. I prefer Jessica Steen to Torri Higginson.
I think having Carter over there could make things interesting, but to me its a bit of a cop-out. The show is great on its own, no need to keep bleeding SG1 people into it.

And Jessica Steen was only "Dr Weir" for like, one episode, maybe two, in SG1. The very next SG1 season Torri jumped in her place and obviously made the transition to SG-A. Frankly, I think Torri was better from Day 1. I always liked her in that role over Jessica.

(and while it doesn't directly relate to that opinion, I think Torri is better looking too. )
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