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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Telepath View Post
That's true. As you say, JMS is great at long-term stories involving character changes and building tension.

Concerning LotR, the rule "never retreat from battle" is stupid alright, but it has occurred on earth in various traditions,
Not as a matter of policy. Maybe for a specific battle, but not as a standard method of operations.

and it's JMS' universe after all. Yet I do not think Sinclair would have created a rule as absurd as that... perhaps Minbari tradition corrupted his teachings, it happens (it already happened in the first war against the shadows, with that radical group mentioned In Valen's Name... I forgot its name). [EDIT: I seem to have forgot that Delenn was Entil'Zha for some time then... she could have changed such a rule. As things stand, it really seems stupid enough. Even suggesting that such a rule might make an enemy think twice before engaging ranger ships is a poor explanation, so... you're right. Not very logical.]
Having a policy of "We never retreat for any reason." is idiotic, especially when you're stretched thin on personnel (young kids in relatively high positions, e.g. ship captains) and resources (e.g. Whitestars), is idiotic, and Delenn is no idiot.

The bad guys: What was wrong about them?
They were stupid (required for the plot to work). They passed many chances to destroy the Liandra (but then the story would have been over.). They got suckered over and over again. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

That they looked like executioners? I think they were hooded and their voice was modulated
No, that part worked OK.
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