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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

The Scifi channel deserves the bad rep. Stargate SG-1 was cancelled prematurely. The Ori story arc should have lasted at least three seasons. Also, scifi canceled 'farscape' after season 4 after they declared an unprecedented 2-year renewal after season 3. They flat-out reneged, lied, cheated...whatever you want to call it. Their judgment is incredibly poor regarding programing.

Legend of the Rangers was a good 'concept' that was badly executed. I was disappointed with the filming and the shallow story. It was like they rushed a good core idea but didn't care to fill it out or interweave it into the B5 canon. The weapons system wasn't well thought. A virtual interface is a good idea, but someone squirming around against a green screen then showing the ship shooting doesn't cut it. There has to be a correlation between the gunner's movements and the weapons fire. There was absolutely none.

As for the Hand, it felt like a copout rather than an extention of the B5 story. The Ori in stargate made sense, the Hand didn't. I like B5 and the rangers are a good, no, great platform for a series, but somewhere along the line it got reallllllllllly screwed up.

Oh, and stargate didn't originate at scifi. It came from showtime after a five-year run there. Scifi has only had it for five seasons.

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