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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

JMS has to learn to come out of the box and make s damned strong standalone movie, not banking on being able to fix the problems in the future, because if the problems stand out, bigtime, in the pilot, there's a good chance that there will BE no future. That's why I'm nervous when it comes to our banking the future of all things B5 on a single movie (TV or feature). That's not his strong suit.
That's true. As you say, JMS is great at long-term stories involving character changes and building tension.

Concerning LotR, the rule "never retreat from battle" is stupid alright, but it has occurred on earth in various traditions, and it's JMS' universe after all. Yet I do not think Sinclair would have created a rule as absurd as that... perhaps Minbari tradition corrupted his teachings, it happens (it already happened in the first war against the shadows, with that radical group mentioned In Valen's Name... I forgot its name). [EDIT: I seem to have forgot that Delenn was Entil'Zha for some time then... she could have changed such a rule. As things stand, it really seems stupid enough. Even suggesting that such a rule might make an enemy think twice before engaging ranger ships is a poor explanation, so... you're right. Not very logical.]

The weapons system: ditto. It's crap.

The bad guys: What was wrong about them? That they looked like executioners? I think they were hooded and their voice was modulated because there was not much terror underneath. I think there was a lot of fake involved... Sad that there was no series.

Well, tastes are different (and hundreds and thousands of different tastes won't change mine ) But since I now see your point with some obvious flaws of LotR, I can understand why you would classify it as a failure. Yet I still think that the merits outweigh the flaws - and I still like it in comparison to other B5 feature films.

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