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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Telepath View Post
To comment on your arguments: I do not care for other people's opinion so much as others might do, so I don't care what's in last place.
I was going for more of a consensus, i.e. not just my opinion but that of hundreds or thousands of others.

Originally Posted by raw_bean View Post
Craziness, craziness!
People voting LotR 'A', and In The Beginning 'F'! Are we in Bizzaro-world or something? Me am no confused!

I can't believe ItB has more 'Failure' votes than LotR, even if one of them was admitted as a joke!
Yeah, things are 180 degrees out of phase alright.

Originally Posted by RMcD View Post
I think the figure that really says it all is:
Babylon 5: Arithmetic mean = 8.8 (1,605 votes)

I think that's about right - somehow none of the movies seemed to manage to rise as high as the standards that had already been set within the series itself. Partly I think it may just be that they came too late in the cycle - remember that with the exception of the Gathering, all of them were filmed after Sleeping in Light, and after the season 5 pickup, at which point B5 arguably didn't have anything left to prove.
And that JMS is better in loooong form storytelling, series over the course of years, not movies, at least as far as B5 is concerned. Maybe it's that as B5 fans, we're used to the long story and the short, encapsulated story of a movie in the B5 universe just doesn't do it for us anymore.

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
It's SciFi channel's show. All their "Straight to DVD" stuff ends up playing on the network.
Originally Posted by GaribaldisHair View Post
Yeah .. since they've paid for it already, why wouldn't they show it.
The Sci-Fi Channel itself is financing the Stargate SG-1 movies? That's why I asked if it was their reaction to fan uproar over the cancellation (like The Peacekeeper Wars was to Farscape), but nobody responded. I thoiught The Sci-Fi Channel just cancelled and was done with SG-1, and maybe NBC/Universal (the parent company) was coming through with money for the movies.

Stargate: Continuum (2008) (TV)
Company credits:
Production Companies
Stargate SG-1 Production (II) Inc.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) (2007) (USA) (DVD)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) (2007) (USA) (all media)

Stargate: The Ark of Truth (2008) (TV)
Company credits:
Production Companies
Kawoosh! Productions VII
MGM Home Entertainment

...but since it's mentioned as "TV," I guess it'll be on The Sci-Fi Channel and it'll get added to the list of distributors.

Originally Posted by GaribaldisHair View Post
And as far as the ItB stretching credulity to breaking point, I can see where that comes from but the problem is ItB is already loaded down with characters, and adding more would only confuse things ... not to mention probably stretch the budget to breaking point.

I am prepared to forgive the stretching because in all other respects I think it is a great piece of work.
I see the stretching credulity as a minor problem as far as ItB is concerned.

And to get back on topic. LotR had some good ideas that were significantly undercooked, precisely because it was a backdoor pilot. If it had gone to series and these ideas had had the chance to be explored more fully then I think the movie would be looked back at more fondly. Sure it had some silly ones (the weapons thing!) but that would undoubtedly have disappeared come a series ... surely!
That's the problem. JMS has to learn to come out of the box and make s damned strong standalone movie, not banking on being able to fix the problems in the future, because if the problems stand out, bigtime, in the pilot, there's a good chance that there will BE no future. That's why I'm nervous when it comes to our banking the future of all things B5 on a single movie (TV or feature). That's not his strong suit.

Unfortunately I never saw The Gathering as a standalone as it wasn't shown on UKTV until well into the run (possibly between S1 and S2 if memory serves). If I had, I am not convinced I would have much higher an opinion of it than I do of LotR. The Gathering (original version) is great in the context of leading into the series, but as a standalone it is fairly forgettable ,,, but without anything jaw-droppingly stupid.
Key words: ....but without anything jaw-droppingly stupid.
TLaDiS: "We do not retreat for any reason." a.k.a. Suicide as a matter of policy.
TLaDiS: the weapons system
TLaDiS: the idiotic, bad guy, flunkies.

The only thing that comes close to jaw-droppingly stupid in The Gathering, was the "zoo" scene (which was cut for the TNT version).
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