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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
It's SciFi channel's show. All their "Straight to DVD" stuff ends up playing on the network.
Yeah .. since they've paid for it already, why wouldn't they show it.

And as far as the ItB stretching credulity to breaking point, I can see where that comes from but the problem is ItB is already loaded down with characters, and adding more would only confuse things ... not to mention probably stretch the budget to breaking point.

I am prepared to forgive the stretching because in all other respects I think it is a great piece of work.

And to get back on topic. LotR had some good ideas that were significantly undercooked, precisely because it was a backdoor pilot. If it had gone to series and these ideas had had the chance to be explored more fully then I think the movie would be looked back at more fondly. Sure it had some silly ones (the weapons thing!) but that would undoubtedly have disappeared come a series ... surely!

Unfortunately I never saw The Gathering as a standalone as it wasn't shown on UKTV until well into the run (possibly between S1 and S2 if memory serves). If I had, I am not convinced I would have much higher an opinion of it than I do of LotR. The Gathering (original version) is great in the context of leading into the series, but as a standalone it is fairly forgettable ,,, but without anything jaw-droppingly stupid.

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