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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post

In the Beginning: Arithmetic mean = 7.9 (2,399 votes)
The Gathering: Arithmetic mean = 7.3 (3,073 votes)
A Call to Arms: Arithmetic mean = 7.2 (1,395 votes)
Thirdspace: Arithmetic mean = 6.9 (1,154 votes)
The River of Souls: Arithmetic mean = 6.5 (967 votes)
To Live and Die in Starlight: Arithmetic mean = 6.2 (848 votes)

Note what's in last place.
I think the figure that really says it all is:

Babylon 5: Arithmetic mean = 8.8 (1,605 votes)

I think that's about right - somehow none of the movies seemed to manage to rise as high as the standards that had already been set within the series itself. Partly I think it may just be that they came too late in the cycle - remember that with the exception of the Gathering, all of them were filmed after Sleeping in Light, and after the season 5 pickup, at which point B5 arguably didn't have anything left to prove.
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