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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

TLaDiS (the Rangers pilot) is set "just under 3 years after the events of 'Objects at Rest.'"
So, TLaDiS is set ~October~November 2265, a little over a year before A Call to Arms. That would probably make the planned 5-year TV show (B5:LotR) take place 1/2266-12/2270, or a one year shift before Crusade. I thought B5:LotR (pilot through planned year five of the series) took place after the Telepath War. In "Objects in Motion (12/2262)" Lyta was going to give Garibaldi two years, so she would have come back to remove his block and fight the war ~12/2264. In TLaDiS, G'Kar said Lyta's "gone now." (i.e. dead), and she died in the Telepath War. In TLaDiS, nobody mentions anything about the Telepath War going on at the time. I think the Telepath War took place in 2265, and it was over by the time TLaDiS happened.
Yes... I just wanted to point out that between the end of season 4 and SiL, there was no Hand War occurring in the galaxy putting the shadows to shame. Speaking of which...

Parts of this movie could put black holes to shame.
LoL! Admittedly true... I hated the Liandra weapons system. And the fact how G'Kar relays the story of the force of light and force of darkness... it seems awkward in the B5 universe. But perhaps the series would have answered that question.

I can't believe ItB has more 'Failure' votes than LotR
The problem with ItB is that it's utterly incredible to me. No matter how good it is in all its constituent parts, I think it ruins the B5 canon by stretching credibility beyond the breaking point.
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