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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

So that means three of the following sucked?
In the Beginning
The Gathering
A Call to Arms
The River of Souls.

In the Beginning: Arithmetic mean = 7.9 (2,399 votes)
The Gathering: Arithmetic mean = 7.3 (3,073 votes)
A Call to Arms: Arithmetic mean = 7.2 (1,395 votes)
Thirdspace: Arithmetic mean = 6.9 (1,154 votes)
The River of Souls: Arithmetic mean = 6.5 (967 votes)
To Live and Die in Starlight: Arithmetic mean = 6.2 (848 votes)

Note what's in last place.
Hi KoshN, I hope that's nothing personal... everyone his opinion, yes?

To comment on your arguments: I do not care for other people's opinion so much as others might do, so I don't care what's in last place.

I think ItB sucked flat out because it ruined suspension of disbelief by stretching coincidences too far so that it became fiction that is perceived as fiction. River of Souls was awful, as was A Call to Arms (Dureena could have sprung out of a D&D adventure). You got your three movies that sucked, imo.

But that's no discussion of course - you got your reasons for hating some movies, I got mine for rejecting others
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