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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by torkste View Post
The worst was the G'Kar bit. Before In The Beginning was made, we had this character going from bad to not so bad and then to a sort of nice guy and savior.
Now suddenly, he was not so bad before he was bad !
I couldn't disagree more. IMO, G'Kar was never bad. He was defensive, abrasive, and indignant. Those qualities may not be endearing to many, but they are quite understandable, and to be expected, from someone whose people had been as brutally oppressed as the Narns were by the Centauri. He had very good reasons for his positions.

Of course, he did move toward a more transcendent view of things, becoming what I would call enlightened. But, I don't think one is a bad person, just because they haven't been "enlightened."
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