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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by torkste View Post
I votet F for Failure.

To me this was downright stupid, and the worst part of B5, ever.

The future parts with Londo, the two kids and the woman, who we learned in the Centauri trilogy is named Senna, was very nicely done.

The parts were the main "heroes" that had absolutely not met each other before, suddenly, in order to make a new pilot, was revealed to have met before. And not just in passing, no, no, Sheridan meeting the Delenn onboard a Minbari ship and saving the day and so on.
None of this was believable at all.
The worst was the G'Kar bit. Before In The Beginning was made, we had this character going from bad to not so bad and then to a sort of nice guy and savior.
Now suddenly, he was not so bad before he was bad !
Holy Toledo? Are you serious? I think JMS would be shocked to hear you say that..Not that you can't have an opinion of course but wow..JMS wanted to initially show this movie before The Gathering if you go to and it explains all the small references of the Earth/Minbari War throughout the 5 year saga including during the 4th season Deleen has to take a test which shows the footage of what happened to Dukhat. It even has a small snippet of what happened to Sheridan/Delenn and if you watch it before the seasons it has a foreshadow of Londo being old on the throne which leads to War Without End and of course the Centauri Trilogy explains all that to a T.

Is this movie as good as Sleeping in Light being the last episode no but it's still the best movie of all the movies.

Wow an A+ movie for me

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