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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

I votet F for Failure.

To me this was downright stupid, and the worst part of B5, ever.

The future parts with Londo, the two kids and the woman, who we learned in the Centauri trilogy is named Senna, was very nicely done.

The parts were the main "heroes" that had absolutely not met each other before, suddenly, in order to make a new pilot, was revealed to have met before. And not just in passing, no, no, Sheridan meeting the Delenn onboard a Minbari ship and saving the day and so on.
None of this was believable at all.
The worst was the G'Kar bit. Before In The Beginning was made, we had this character going from bad to not so bad and then to a sort of nice guy and savior.
Now suddenly, he was not so bad before he was bad !
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