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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
And the two Stargate Movies, which will likely be aired on SciFi as well as released on DVD
Why do you think they'll be aired on The Sci-Fi Channel? Was this Sci-Fi's reaction to fan uproar over the cancellation? I thought it was going to be straight-to-DVD, and not on The Sci-Fi Channel.

Originally Posted by Telepath View Post
I actually gave this one an "A". I loved the wonderful new atmosphere and looks, the music was neat, and I think many B5ers underestimate JMS when they think he just pulled another super race outta his sleeves.
The music sounded like generic "adventure" stuff, to me. I honestly don't know how anybody could rate this thing an "A." Compared to B5, it looked like an amateur production. The Ranger edict of "We do not retreat for any reason." was ridiculous. This thing looked like a saturday morning cartoon with live actors replacing the animation.

LotR takes place during the 20-year period beginning with 2261,
TLaDiS (the Rangers pilot) is set "just under 3 years after the events of 'Objects at Rest.'"
So, TLaDiS is set ~October~November 2265, a little over a year before A Call to Arms. That would probably make the planned 5-year TV show (B5:LotR) take place 1/2266-12/2270, or a one year shift before Crusade. I thought B5:LotR (pilot through planned year five of the series) took place after the Telepath War. In "Objects in Motion (12/2262)" Lyta was going to give Garibaldi two years, so she would have come back to remove his block and fight the war ~12/2264. In TLaDiS, G'Kar said Lyta's "gone now." (i.e. dead), and she died in the Telepath War. In TLaDiS, nobody mentions anything about the Telepath War going on at the time. I think the Telepath War took place in 2265, and it was over by the time TLaDiS happened.

The movie itself deserves a B grade
There were parts of this movie that sucked like nothing has ever sucked before. Parts of this movie could put black holes to shame.

most of the other B5 movies sucked
So that means three of the following sucked?
In the Beginning
The Gathering
A Call to Arms
The River of Souls.

In the Beginning: Arithmetic mean = 7.9 (2,399 votes)
The Gathering: Arithmetic mean = 7.3 (3,073 votes)
A Call to Arms: Arithmetic mean = 7.2 (1,395 votes)
Thirdspace: Arithmetic mean = 6.9 (1,154 votes)
The River of Souls: Arithmetic mean = 6.5 (967 votes)
To Live and Die in Starlight: Arithmetic mean = 6.2 (848 votes)

Note what's in last place.
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