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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

I actually gave this one an "A". I loved the wonderful new atmosphere and looks, the music was neat, and I think many B5ers underestimate JMS when they think he just pulled another super race outta his sleeves. LotR takes place during the 20-year period beginning with 2261, when Delenn says that the two great wars afterward would be the Telepath War and the Drakh War - the Hand is mentioned nowhere. Now my guess is the Liandra would have gone into another dimension, or the Hand was a means of the Drakh to destabilize the Alliance - or their new masters, after the Shadows were gone. Not enough info to judge conclusively or condemn JMS prematurely. Loved the rangers theme, too. And it had G'Kar... oh well, here you go.

The movie itself deserves a B grade, but since most of the other B5 movies sucked, I upgrade it to an A.
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