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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

I gave it a B.

When I think back on The Gathering, I remember buying it on vhs i Norway way back when, as a movie, and at the time I knew nothing of plans for a TV serie.
I watched it several times, didn't like it that much.
This was when vhs tapes were expensive, and numerous tapes with so-so movies on it, got a tape strip so the tape could be re-recorded.
Somehow The Gathering survived, probably because it was SF and had aliens in it, and years later I got hooked when B5 was shown on TV.

Then LOTR came, and it can be looked at from different angles.
Was it Great ? Maybe not, but it was ok.
Was the targeting system silly, maybe, but to me that is not important.
Why a B ?
To me it was the chance to start a new series, taking place before the aborted Crusade, planned with a 5 year arc, that would catch up to the events in Crusade, and hopefully answer a lot of questions.
And had events happened a little different (you Americans sure a crazy when it comes to sport events), the Nielsen rating may have been good enough to launch the series.
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