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Re: EpDis: Sleeping In Light

Ahead of Deep Space Nine's Series Finale and even Voyager..let's hope that the new Battlestar Galactica can have the same success as B5 with it's Series Finale.

Easily one of the greatest bittersweet bookend to one of the greatest shows ever on television. You can't help getting teary eyed and/or crying when seeing both Sheridan and B5 pass away. The fact that it's the only episode that is directed by JMS and that it's the only episode not to have beginning credits and music.

I'm getting emotional right now just rating this one. Wow! What an episode! Just the music alone makes this a very very bittersweet episode...I just wish Crusade could come back...I know B5 had 5 seasons and is complete but I still miss it very very much...

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