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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
I'm not sure you understand my opinion. I'm not saying that Sinclair should have stayed around; I'm not saying that Sheridan should never have come into the picture. I'm saying watching "In The Beginning" before the series itself deprives one of experiencing the apprehension of Sheridan's taking over because one then already knows Sheridan from having watched ITB. Like Garibaldi in the story, one shouldn't feel all that comfortable with Sheridan at first. One's trust in him has to be built through exposure as one watches him more and more, but to already know him from having watched ITB prevents one from having that experience.
No don't worry I understand what your saying but as I've stated in a couple other threads on this board. The very first B5 I showed my ex-girlfriend was The Gathering then of course season 1. My ex got very very confused and thought the show was very confusing. But then when I went to website which has a somewhat master list of all the episodes and movies in order in which the show should be watched I began marathoning all the B5 episodes on my own and then watching them again with my ex she absolutely loved it. The horrific experience of watching Santiago assassinated really moved my ex a lot. Watching the slow build up of Londo and his slow demise collaborating with Morden and the shadows really made a difference.

Please don't think I don't understand what your saying it's just that my ex ended up asking me to watch the episodes more than I asked her as the series went on. For me its more of a build up one episode at a time kind of thing.

I absolutely love the fact that JMS ended up using a jigsaw puzzle scenario type of writing where you had to fit the episodes together to make a complete picture. I guess this kind of a show is one of those where different people have different takes on how to watch the show. I guess it just depends on what kind of tastes you like. There are even people that won't even give this show a chance because it's either too slow or that it was kind of controversial being toe to toe with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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