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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by Babylon5fan07
I think Sinclair had his time on the show that was very important but again with Zathras quoting "Sinclair is The One who was, Delenn is The One who is, and Sheridan is The One who will be" it was time for Sheridan to take over the reigns of the station and let his path in life take shape.

Again I'm not here to change your opinion but that's just my take.
I'm not sure you understand my opinion. I'm not saying that Sinclair should have stayed around; I'm not saying that Sheridan should never have come into the picture. I'm saying watching "In The Beginning" before the series itself deprives one of experiencing the apprehension of Sheridan's taking over because one then already knows Sheridan from having watched ITB. Like Garibaldi in the story, one shouldn't feel all that comfortable with Sheridan at first. One's trust in him has to be built through exposure as one watches him more and more, but to already know him from having watched ITB prevents one from having that experience.
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