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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
In watching through for the first time, I like the idea that come in to season two, one shouldn't feel too secure regarding Sheridan. Garibaldi's line, "I don't know you," is an excellent demonstration through a character what I think an audience member should be feeling at that point in the story. To watch "In The Beginning" before the series takes away that feeling of having had a foundation of Sinclair established and then to have it ripped out; one can't feel uncertain alongside the characters regarding Sheridan's place in the story.
I don't agree..oviously we all have a different take on the whole show but JMS did create the show to have some lineage of some sorts. Of course not withstanding renewing the show every season..I love watching Sinclair grow as a character and then of course with the assassination of President Santiago and then having him going to Minbar getting the Rangers secretly get ready for the shadow war and of course in reincarnation as Valen in the 2 part War Without End episodes.

I think Sinclair had his time on the show that was very important but again with Zathras quoting "Sinclair is The One who was, Delenn is The One who is, and Sheridan is The One who will be" it was time for Sheridan to take over the reigns of the station and let his path in life take shape.

Again I'm not here to change your opinion but that's just my take.
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