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Re: Movie and seasons order

Originally Posted by RMcD View Post
I always just forget about watching them chronologically and instead watch them in the order they were made, ie. the Gathering before S1 (although that's complicated a bit by the special edition), In the Beginning and then Thirdspace after S4 (although they were filmed the other way round, they were released in that order), River of Souls and A Call to Arms after S5, Legend of the Rangers after Crusade.
I agree (with the exception of watching Legend of the Rangers before A Call to Arms and Crusade).

The Gathering
Seasons 1-4
Thirdspace & In The Beginning
Season 5
River of Souls, Legend of the Rangers & A Call to Arms

Really works best that way, in my opinion. As for The Gathering special edition, the 'spoiler', well, isn't. You've no way of knowing what it means at the time.
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