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Re: EpDis: The River Of Souls

I think what disappointed me most was that I wanted to see a movie involving that 2263 B5 crew that was hinted at in Objects in Rest - Captain Lochley, Lieutenant Corwin (surely that should be Commander Corwin by now?), Dr Hobbes, Narn Ambassador Ta'Lon, Centauri Ambassador Cotto, Security Chief Zack Allen, and perhaps a brand new Minbari ambassador to mix things up.. Throw a Soul Hunter in among them, keep the beginning and add a climactic ending, and you'd have a good movie.

The idea was okay, but I think they deliberately set their goals too low when they decided to spend the budget on relatively big-name actors. The direction wasn't inspiring, some (not all) of the effects were poor, and the station sets never looked so ugly. That doesn't mean there aren't some positives to be found in there.. I think Martin Sheen can't help being likeable, and this was the first time I really started to see Lochley as an independent character, rather than just Ivanova's understudy. But the B-plot, the forced humour, the lack of a strong ending, the fact that after the excellent opening it feels less like a movie and more like television than most episodes of B5, all make it difficult for me to enjoy.
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