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Re: EpDis: Thirdspace

Originally Posted by RMcD View Post
And at the end, when Sheridan sums up and says something like 'the main thing is everyone's okay,' his definition of 'everyone' doesn't seem to extend to all the maintenance techs, IPX employees, Starfury pilots and Whitestar crews we saw getting killed during the movie.
Good point.

I rewatched Thirdspace twice yesterday. You're right, it does capture the spirit of B5, but so do all the rest of the B5 movies except the Rangers pilot.

It also seems unlikely that Sheridan would even be alive after the explosion, shrapnel and radiation effects. He was protected only by his spacesuit, yet Thirdspace ships near him were utterly destroyed by the explosion. He was merely thrown clear. Doesn't make a whole lotta sense. Other than that, and the problems I mentioned in Post #8, it wasn't too bad. I still don't care for how the Thirdspace aliens turned out, but they're not quite as bad as I remember. Seems like there are some plot holes there. If they could manipulate matter and transport themselves at will, grow appendages, etc., why couldn't they block the hole at the rear of the artifact and prevent Sheridan's escape? Why couldn't they materialize themselves on the outside of the hole, instead of just trying to reach Sheridan through the hole? Why was the hole even there, other than it was required by the plot? Did the Vorlons make it when they built the gate, or when they tried to destroy the gate? Still, the acting from the series regulars and most of the supporting cast was quite good, and the battle CGI was incredible. I'm upping it to a solid C.
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