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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

But the problem is that by doing this movie in the way it would likely have happened in real life, you suddenly find that all of the established B5 characters, with the exception of Delenn, are of little to no importance to the story.

So you get a prequel movie featuring a whole bunch of new characters we don't know, don't care about and are doomed never to even be mentioned in the show (since you have already made 4 seasons of it without mentioning them). Reducing all of the series' characters to the level of Sinclair's cameo would (for me) render the whole project redundant, not to mention how disjointed it would get by repeatedly cutting back from the main narrative (which doesn't now feature Sheridan and the others) to show the incidents already established as having taken place during the Minbari War ... Sheridan taking out the Black Star, Ivanova losing her Brother, Franklin refusing to hand over his notes etc.

I agree it is a stretch, but I don't really think it could have been done any other way.

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