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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Since I was originally responding to hyp's point about P10s being rare (which obviously meant "rare within Psi Corps") I naturally meant my bell curve comment to apply to the subset of the population that consists of teeps, not the entire population of Humans. If you're talking about the distribution of different levels of telepathic ability it seemed obvious to me that you would exclude people who, by definition, don't have any telepathic ability. That's precisely why I used the example of NBA player in my later post Granted I also mentioned intelligence in an example using the entire human population, but notice the difference: Intelligence is a defining Human trait. All Humans posses it to one degree or another, so it makes sense to include all Humans in examining the distribution of degrees of intelligence. All Humans in the B5 universe do not have telepathic abilities, so it makes no sense to include the non-teeps in an examination of the distribution of telepathic ability. You'll distort the results badly, in fact. Similarly it would make no sense to include every Human being alive or every Human being who has ever played basketball in examining the distribution of talent within the NBA.

But it is clear now that this was all much more obvious inside my own head than it was in my posts. Sorry.

I wonder if Bester would think the end justified the means if the means were his own death.
I'm sure he would. There's nothing in Bester's nature that suggests he's a coward. He's even honorable, by his own slightly twisted lights. I'm sure Bester would willingly, even happily lay down his life for "his" teeps if that was absolutely necessary. (If the only way of stopping Edgar's teep virus involved Bester strapping a nuke to his back and landing on Edgar's roof, I don't doubt that he'd do it.) The problem is that Bester places such a high value on his own talents and abilities that to his way of thinking there aren't a lot of things that could happen to Teeps that would be worse than the loss of Bester himself. Thus he's willing to sacrifice others to not because he's afraid of death, but because he's afraid of what will happen to "his" teeps when he's gone. He sees the period he lives in as one critical to "homo superior" and himself as a key historical figure who will help usher in the Age of the Telepath.


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