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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Originally Posted by Joseph DeMartino View Post
The number players in the NBA who are great and the number of players who just barely play well enough to keep their jobs are both very small.
However, on the "barely play well enough to keep their jobs" end, a *key* part of that is "in the NBA".

There are lots more players that are very similar, but were the last cuts, or are playing overseas, or are still playing in college, or decided that they were better off starting their coaching careers than being the last guy on the bench, or whatever. When somebody gets injured the teams can always come up with 13th and 14th players that are not a significant drop off from the 12th (although there may be a significant drop in the overall team when the one who got hurt was one of the top couple of players).

That's a case where the distribution in the overall population really is much closer to being the right half of a bell curve than to a complete bell curve. Remember that what you're claiming to be left side tail of this bell curve would have been the same guys who were in the fatter part of the curve in college. Where did the rest of that population disappear to when the turned 22? They're still out there; they just didn't get an NBA job. (And going back further, the same guys that you're claiming are the left tail of the distribution were out in the *right* tail in high school.)

Now, in the case of B5 universe telepaths:
The direction that human evolution appears to be going, I would expect that eventually the distribution of telepathic power in the population would end up being a bell curve. I just don't see the time period that we have been watching as being nearly enough generations removed from active teeps being initially discovered to be there. There's still way too much mixing of mundane and teep genetics, as evidenced by the widespread advertising to the mundane population to bring children in for testing. The peak of the curve may well be a little above the minimum (ignoring the spike at 0 / mundane), but I can't see it being anything close to evenly balanced on both sides ...... yet (come back in one or two hundred thousand years).
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