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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

and she was a P12, not a P10. IIRC,
If she was a candidate to become a Psi Cop she would have had to be a P12. And while P10s aren't common, they're not as rare as P12s. The distribution of teep abilities is probably described by a bell curve like most such things, with the very weak and the very stong being rare at either end and the vast majority in the middle. Psi Cops have support staff made up of lesser rankings, but actual Psi Cops themselves must be P12s - and also be tough enough to do "what is necessary" in Bester's eyes. Don't forget, he's planning a Teep War of his own for the future, in which "his" Teeps will take on, defeat and enslave (or exterminate) the mundanes. His elite forces will be drawn from the ranks of the Psi Cops, and he's molding them into his own little SS, the supermen who rule the other supermen. (I wouldn't want to be a P3 or a P5 under Bester's regime. I doubt his 12s would treat them much better than mundanes.) Lyta's revolt of the rogue Teeps against the Corps is probably the only thing that keeps the Teep vs. Mundane war that William Edgars and others foresaw, and which Bester was plotting, from coming to pass.

So yeah, I think that young lady would have been shunted into a training slot somewhere if she hadn't been up to Bester's challenge. Depending on how concerned Bester was about keeping his illegal activities to herself, I wouldn't be surprised if he were willing to kill her, too. Some have to be sacrificed for the greater good. Look at what he did to his own Black Omega Squadron when he felt it was in the long range interest of "his" Teeps.


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