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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
And I disagree with the idea that if the female teep trainee hadn't spaced the mundane she'd somehow have ended her career. Aren't P10's rather rate? One mistake on one "test" and you are out seems a rather careless attitude to take with sucha precious commodity.
If Bester's offer to space the mundane was sincere compassion for the girl, and I believe it was, it would hardly have been compassionate if accepting his offer would end her career. And, your point about P10's being rare is also pertinent. If she had declined to space the mundane, I think Bester would have counciled her, to try and toughen her up. If that had failed, she would have been given duties that didn't demand such a lack of compassion for mundanes. Possibly she would have had duties trying to rehabilitate teeps who messed up, where her compassion would be an asset.
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